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Poor construction, soil conditions, severe climates, and in many cases, ground movement can cause unexpected pipe damage at any time. If undetected, the problem may cause ground erosion and threaten property values resulting in repairs that are more costly.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection Dallas Texas

Professionals in the leak detection business have determined if you are losing more than a quarter of an inch of water a day in your swimming pool you possibly have a leak. By plugging off the plumbing lines and using ultra sonic listening devices with audio transmitters, All Pro Leak Detection can not only determine the location of the leak but also ascertain it's depth. A second analysis of pressure testing of the lines can also used to confirm the presence of a leak.

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Once a leak has been validated, you can rely on the expertise of All Pro Leak Detection to correct the problem and then perform one last pressure test of the lines to ensure no further leakage. Keith Yeager, owner of All Pro Leak Detection, is a firm believer in the preservation of water, our most precious resource. We strongly recommend if you suspect a leak problem that the issue should be addressed as soon as possible in order to prevent further water waste. Please don't hesitate to call All Pro Leak Detection today at 972-690-4000 to schedule a consultation.

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